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Regular Biology

DNA assessment


Using the following website, you must critically enhance your knowledge of DNA, DNA replication, DNA transcription, and RNA translation.

Be sure to look at all the animations, video clips, and audio clips!

Then click on DNA from the Beginning…

Then click on molecules of genetics….

Answer the following:


1) How many letters are in the “alphabet” of amino acids?


2) What hypothesis did George Beadle prove correct and what did he use to prove it?



3) What did Oswald Avery do? How did he show this?



4) How did Alfred Hershey show DNA was responsible for transferring genes?




5) What is the shape of DNA? Who won the race to determine the structure and where did they do their work?



6) What are the bases of DNA?



7) What was the first enzyme discovered? What does it do?



8) Where is RNA found? What is the central dogma?



9) Where does translation occur?


10) How many 3-letter combinations are there produced by DNA and what is that combination termed as?




11) What does gene analysis do?



12) What are non-coding sequences called? What are they replaced with once the RNA is spliced?




13) What happens to transcription during an infection?




14) Why is there DNA if RNA can store information?




15) What are mutagens, give some examples of a mutagen.




16) How are mutations repaired?