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Biology Journal 1st Quarter

Journal Topics and Dates

8/28/01-Do you see a man who speaks in haste? There is more hope for a fool than him.
Proverbs 29:5 Verse 20
Write your thoughts and feelings on this verse in your journals.

1) What does it take to be a leader?
2) How does one become a leader?

8/29/01-8/30/01-Read "Tasty Manure Solution" Pull out scientific information from and place it in your journals.

1) What is biology?
2) What is an adaptation?

"Tasty Manure" article Link

9/5/01-Read "Chemical Reaction"-Gulf War Syndrome and pull out all scientific information and place in your journals.

1) What are some important reasons for studying biology?
2) How are evolution and reproduction related?

Chemical Reaction article link

9/7/01-Read the following: In 1786, Benjamin Franklin wrote a letter to an English friend describing some observations he had made. Here is the letter, "In America I have often observed that on the Roofs of our shingled Houses, where Moss is apt to gro in northern Exposures, if there be anything on the roof painted with white Lead, there is constantly a streak on the Shingles from such Paint down to the Eaves, on which no moss will grow, but the wood remains constantly clean and free from it."

In your journals think of question and a hypothesis for this observation.

1) Why is technology not the solution to all scientific problems?
2) Why do experiments require a control?
3) What is a control?

9/17/01-Read and complete "Story Frame" on your desk. Place the correct answers in your journal with them numbered fro,1-11.

1) What is a theory?
2) What is a stimulus and a response?
3) Define homeostasis.

1) Using SH4 in your book explain how temperature is measured.
2) How many kilograms are in a metric ton?

Story Frame activity

9/19/01-Read the article "Sharks attack people. People attack fish." Pull out the scientific information and place it in your journals.

Convert the following:
1) 67890773 m to Mm
2) 780.99 g to mg
3) 554322 km to mm
4) 0.9983442 Mg to mg

"Shark Attack" article

9/25/01-Warmup-Place answers in Journal
1) What is an element?
2) What are the main elements that make up the human body?
3) What is an isotope, give 2 example of isotopes.

9/27/01-Warmup Activity
1) What are electrons?
2) What is contained in the nucleus of an atom?
3) What is an energy level?

10/01/01-Warmup Activity
1) Explain the difference between an acid and a base.
2) What is a mixture?
3) What is a solution?
4) Explain the difference between a solute and a solvent.

10/03/01-Warmup Activity
1) What is a polar molecule and give 1 example
2) Describe what a hydrogen bond is.
3) Draw hydrogen bonding as seen in water
4) Why does water resist temperature changes?

1) What is Brownian movement?
2) What is diffusion?
3) What is dynamic equilibrium?

1) What is a nucleic acid? Its subunits?
2) What are amino acids? How many are there? What bonds do they form?
3) What are carbohydrates? Their subunits

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